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Here are the latest announcements and opportunities to get involved in WRFI, follow along with us on this journey of serving Ithaca and Watkins Glen with community radio. We love hearing from you! Contact us anytime. 

WRFI’s The Scene Interviews Nathaniel Hendrickson on Making Art for the Eco-Crisis

By Chantal Thomas

This week’s episode of The Scene features an interview with artist and curator Nathaniel Hendrickson, currently in residence at the Soil Factory, on how they are designing ways of making art that embrace collaboration with human and non-human others, as a way of responding to ecological challenges of our time. Listen to this week’s episode…

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Creatives on WRFI: Crankie Cabaret at The Cherry Artspace

By Eve Chaneles

Stevie Eve Chaneles talks with Lily Gershon, Marietta Synodis, and some special puppet guests about Crankie Cabaret. Crankie Cabaret 2022 will be October 21-23 at The Cherry Artspace. Learn more at

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WRFI’s The Scene Interviews New Music Group Loadbang

By Chantal Thomas

This week’s episode of The Scene features an interview with new music chamber group loadbang. The Scene’s Chantal Thomas spoke with Andy Kozar (trumpet), William Lang (trombone), Adrian Sandi (bass clarinet), and Tyler Bouque (baritone voice) about mixing and making new music from classical and contemporary genres and sounds.  Loadbang will be playing at Cornell University’s…

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Latest from the WRFI News Team

Daily features and interviews from our community

Headlines for December 8, 2022

By Felix Teitelbaum | December 8, 2022

Ithaca Public Employees Continue Pressure on City Hall According to the Ithaca Times at a meeting of the City Administration Committee, Ithaca public sector union leaders condemned what they called an “unproductive” and “disrespectful” relationship with City Hall. While they praised the decision to remove City Attorney Ari Levine from contract negotiations, they seemed to…

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Headlines for December 7, 2022

By Felix Teitelbaum | December 7, 2022

Police Chief’s Nomination Recinded After nominating Acting Police Chief John Joly for the Police chief last week, yesterday, Mayor-elect Laura Lewis rescinded the nomination. She said the decision was a difficult one but that her choice had little support among her colleagues on Common Council. Council’s support is needed to appoint a new chief. Joly…

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Headlines for December 6, 2022

By Lucas Santiago | December 6, 2022

Cornell University has received national recognition for being one of the most engaged campuses when it comes to college student voting. According to the Cornell Chronicle, the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge recognizes higher education facilities for their efforts to increase student voter participation. Cornell joins 394 other colleges and universities recognized by the challenge.…

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Headlines for December 5, 2022

By Lucas Santiago | December 5, 2022

The State Comptroller’s Office is seeking to return $20 million of unclaimed money to people in Tompkins County. According to the Ithaca Voice, the funds consist of remaining cash from old bank accounts, misplaced paychecks, and unused insurance claims. Statewide, the owed money has racked up to $17.5 billion. Just last year, the state returned…

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Headlines for Friday December 2nd, 2022

By George Christopher | December 2, 2022

Ithaca City Attorney Ari Lavine is stepping away from the city’s negotiation team. According to the Ithaca Voice, Lavine announced his intention to withdraw from the negotiation team in a letter to the city administration committee. Lavine had been at the center of controversy after a November meeting where workers and labor leaders accused Lavine…

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Headlines for Tuesday, November 29, 2022

By Lucas Santiago | November 29, 2022

According to the Ithaca Times, Cayuga Medical Center is the latest Tompkins County organization to offer free Narcan, or naloxone, to patients on site. The change was prompted as part of the county’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Program, designed to prevent fatal overdoses from drug use. The program also helps to remove common obstacles that have…

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