Invasive Box Tree Moth Found in Western New York

08192021_Boxwood Hedge_PA Dept of Ag

(Boxwood plants grown to form a hedge / Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture)

08192021_box tree moth_nys dept of ag

(Box Tree Moth / New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets)

ITHACA, NY -- The Box Tree Moth has been found in parts of Western New York. This invasive pest is a serious threat to boxwood plants, which are important in the U.S. nursery industry.

Boxwood plants are shrubs, and are often grown to make decorative low hedges. Signs of infestation include chewed up leaves, and defoliation. Box tree larvae are green and yellow with, white, yellow and black stripes as well as black spots.

The box tree moth’s presence in New York was confirmed on Wednesday by the State Department of Agriculture.

They’re asking for signs of infestation to be reported. You can do by going to, and filling out their Box Tree Moth Public Report.

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