Stand-Off Ends in Arrest at Chestnut Hill Apartment Complex

Ithaca Police


ITHACA, NY —  An hours-long stand-off between police and a suspect barricaded in an apartment ended in arrest on Saturday.

Bruce Mead is being charged with two felonies, the criminal possession of a weapon in the second and third degrees.

The Ithaca Police department reported that two Ithaca Police Officers were dispatched to the Chestnut Hill Apartment Complex around 11:30 am on Saturday. They were responding to a report  that a person was attacking a dog and making verbal threats to other residents.

When the police arrived, Mead had aimlessly fired a shot from a gun he had acquired at some point. The officers called for backup at this time and units from the Ithaca Police Department, New York State Police, New York State Park Police, and the Tompkins County Sheriff's Department responded. A perimeter was set up around the Chestnut Hill Apartments, and police advised residents to shelter in place.

Mead barricaded himself in an apartment, but was taken into custody without incident at approximately 4:30pm.

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